BOMAG provides professional ro西都ad construction and maintenanc行白e equipment as well as technical山月 support, after-sales service and s信刀pare parts supply to customers in va河舞rious industries in mainland Ch懂報ina.


Honeywell is an international c一雨ompany engaged in the developme照用nt and manufacture of automation pr白錯oducts. Globally, it is involved i呢照n aerospace products and services, buil錯農ding, home and industrial cont河你rol technology, automotive products, 湖跳turbochargers and specialty materials.月人


wework has set up shared offic空懂e spaces in several cities around the w影場orld, located in major cities such站歌 as New York, Boston, and Washin草議gton, D.C. in the U.S., as well as i車這n the core CBDs of several cities 通呢in China.


L'Oreal is one of the world's 3廠公 largest cosmetic groups. It own物生s high-class cosmetics such as La為志ncôme and Biotherm, which bring司著 the maturity and elegance inherited輛知 from France to people all over the畫站 world.


The BASF Group is the world's 爸煙largest chemical products site in te拿低rms of plant space. BASF's bus門匠iness is centered on chemicals an自水d plastics and is very broad in sc他門ope, providing customers with 對離a range of high-performance products喝亮 covering chemicals, plastics, 中件specialty products, crop protection pro大朋ducts, and crude oil and natur道路al gas.


Parker Hannifin is a diversified glo著長bal manufacturer of advanced mo服友tion and control technologies and sys事跳tems, providing precision solutions fo藍河r a wide range of drive control爸亮, industrial and aerospace market中愛s, and is now the world's leading gl議森obal company specializing in t報懂he manufacture and sale of a wide range那很 of refrigeration and air condition錢吧ing components, hydraulics, pneumati友藍cs and fluid control products and comp近器onents.


BIOMET BIOMET Group is a globall紅服y renowned publicly traded medica女火l device company, one of the world'體輛s top three orthopaedic medical device 書章manufacturers, BIOMET designs 到的and manufactures products that are 風看at the forefront of the world'線行s reconstructive and immobilizing身謝 devices, supportive joint replicas, sp她務inal grafts, and bone substitutes.業討


Dow is a globally advanced and 醫舊diversified chemical company that int唱數egrates sustainable principles快鐵 throughout chemistry and innova匠城tion to address many of the challenge我市s of today's world, such as meeting the河物 need for clean water, improvi做資ng energy efficiency, enabling th鐘習e production of renewable energy, and i是可ncreasing crop yields. With its a要女dvanced specialty chemicals, hi煙文gh-tech materials, agricultural scie下城nces and plastics businesses, Dow.厭吃


COMAC is the main body of the large p自歌assenger aircraft project in China's im民生plementation of the major national 城理large aircraft special project, a拿文nd is also the main carrier for體司 integrating the development of mainl又人ine and regional aircraft and realizi來花ng the industrialization of China's 女多civil aircraft.


CHNT is the core holding company of 行鐘Chint Group, focusing on the R&D, 木冷production and sales of more tha購土n 100 series and 10,000 specif裡遠ications of low-voltage electrical pr冷好oducts, such as power distribution a房公ppliances, control appliances, terminal都中 appliances, power supply appliances an鐵女d power electronics, etc. Astronergy h自時as provided reliable products and美制 services to more than 130 countrie廠公s.

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